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 Welcome to Frühlingserwachen 23th March - 25th March 2018!


Dear Musicians,

we´d like to invite you to make music and spend some inspiring time together to welcome the spring 2018.


Start FotoKarins house is a big house with lots of space, and we try to give everybody a place to sleep, but even there is a limit. It is also important to have enough space to play music in different groups. So please understand, that we have to set a limitation to the amount of musicians. Who is first will be first!


If you have music to share, please bring copies (6 - 8 pieces) with you, to make it easier for others to join in.

We´re looking forward to get your answer (till 15th february) and to see you in Bünge!


We wish you a good and healthy year 2018, filled with happy melodies! Thank you for all the little and big musical moments that brought us together ...


Hopefully we meet again on 23th March 2018!

Best wishes

Karin + Stefan, Beate + Martin, Anke,

Clärchen + Joshua, Annelise